Top 10 movies to binge-watch on during quarantine

It is not the only coronavirus that has taken the world by storm but many such incidents happened in the past as well. The cases of viral diseases spread, the infectious and contagious disease had shaken not only a particular country but the whole world. With the spread of COVID-19, we are facing a similar situation. It has taken the lives of many and is continuing to do so. Many countries have announced a complete lockdown to avoid the transmission of this virus. 

People now have a lot of leisure time and do not know what to do in it. Most have involved themselves in creative activities and most are spending their time while watching movies. So, here is a list of movies based on virus spread or pandemic. 

Movies that should be on your lock-down watch-list


Outbreak (1995)

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We cannot miss out on this movie while speaking about the movies of this particular category. Although this story is not based on a true event but is a fictional movie. In this movie, there is a depiction of fictional California. This town was entirely quarantined when it was hit by the outbreak of Ebola. This is a similar situation that took place in the US. The plot of the movie revolves around the CDC and military medical researchers. They tried their best to treat the infected ones. The infected persons in this story were having holes in their bodies from which the blood was coming out. There was one scene in the movie which made the viewers believe that they are also going to catch the illness very soon. The movie is available to be watched on Netflix. 

Contagion (2011)

The second in this list is the movie Contagion. We can see everyone talking about this movie nowadays. The terrifying death of a character known as Gwyneth Paltrow made people realize that this life is temporary and anything could happen to anyone without having the slightest clue about it. One should learn to take the disease spread very seriously by watching this movie. If you have subscribed to Hulu, then you can watch this movie on it whenever you like. 

The Flu (2013)

The South Korean movie has gained enough views because it depicts a story of a true incident. The plot revolves around the spread of the H5N1 virus. This virus spreads all across the city just like air and it took no time to kill people. The virus only needs 36 hours and the person who contracts it dies immediately after that time. 1 million people of that particular country are surrounded by the fear of getting contracted with this virus which could wipe out the whole population in no time. 

Infection (2004)

The name of the movie itself suggests that it is related to the spread of an infectious disease. This spread was the result of a mistake committed by a doctor. This leads the patient to face dire consequences that reach out to other staff members of the hospital. Moreover, the infected person turns into a liquid of green color. But one thing we ought to learn from this movie is how a mistake committed by one can lead others into trouble. 

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Virus (2019)

This is an Indian film of which the story is based on a virus outbreak. This virus is named as Nipah virus which took the whole of Kerala into its umbrella. In this movie, we could sew how people from the local community came out as helping hands by trying their best to save people from dying because of this disease. You can watch this movie on Prime if you have subscribed to it. 

The Bay (2012)

The movie is about a fictional microorganism that takes control over the mind as well the body of the person it chooses as its host. The person after losing his control dies within a few days after coming in contact with the microorganism. Although it is not one of the best movies of the particular category we are talking about it is quite convincing. The Bay is available on the Hulu app and you can watch it to know more about how deadly a microorganism can become. 

Deranged (2012)

The movie is all about a parasite. This parasite enters the body of a person and the person has a strong urge to drown himself. When all members of a particular family get contracted with it, one of them tries his best to save the lives of others. The government officials take harsh steps to stop the further transmission of this disease by quarantining people. 

The Last Days (2013)

The story is about an affliction known as The Panic. This gets spread across the world and makes people agoraphobic. They feared to go in public and liked to remain isolated. This made them think that they will die if they go out in public. You can binge on this movie on Hulu. 

Panic in the Streets (1950)

The story revolves around the central character who is a doctor by profession. When he shifts lately to a place called New Orleans, he learns about the spread of disease. He tries his best to deal with the pneumonic plague which takes the whole place by storm. There is also a Greek immigrant couple in the movie to get contaminated with the disease. Because of their suspicious beliefs, they deny helping the doctor. You can watch this movie on YouTube and Prime as well. 

It Stains The Sands Red (2016)

A woman is a central character here and the movie completely focuses on her. She goes to Nevada deserts and gets stranded there. The place got hit by Zombie infection and she tries her best to come out of that situation but all her efforts go in vain. When she starts to wander here and there in search of hope, she notices that she is being followed by a zombie. This makes her realize the sins she has committed and how death keeps following us all the time. 

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Final thoughts-

Hopefully, after watching a few movies from this list, you will get to know how terrifying a virus spread can be. So, if you love your life, then stay at home, watch movies, spend quality time with your family,  and be a helping hand for the needy.