List of 10 most Ridiculous Hollywood Movies Plot

Nowadays, watching movies is just not to sit back and get relaxed with the source of entertainment. We also watch movies to criticize or scrutinize the judge, the movie concepts, plots, characters and many more. We want to become our own best critic to judge a movie whether it’s a Hollywood movie or of some other category.

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In the world full of media we pay our attention to what our brain absorbs. So, one needs to stay updated with the information whether it’s about entertainment or something else. Here, we will discuss some of the ridiculous Hollywood movie plots that indeed turned out to be incredible somehow. So without any doubt let’s begin to discuss the topic in detail.

A glance at the plots of 10 ridiculous movies


  1. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993): To discuss the plot of the movie the storyline has Mr. Robin Williams who is very talented but a struggling father who wants to spend time with his children. He is a British housekeeper but he secretly watches over his wife who is wooed by an English gentleman and attempts to impair the relationship and protect their family relationship. It is a movie filled with warm, nostalgia packed up in history’s silliest plot lines.
  2. Face/Off (1997): This action packed movie elaborates the plot of Nicolas cage and John Travolta. One of them is a terrorist and another one is an FBI agent. Both of them swap each other to gain access to their specific organizations. This plan gets withered when the terrorist swaps his face as Travolta’s FBI agent. This movie is rated as one of the most ridiculous Hollywood movies and is not a treat to your eyes and brain.
  3. Footloose (1984): With no sense this move is all about a dancer who dances and ultimately survives in a place where dancing is illegal. Footloose is a 1984 Classic which showcases a story of a bad boy with right moves. You know a film plot is off track when it takes place in a town where dancing is not legal and Kevin Bacon is the only survivor. Footloose is a 1984 classic that sees Bacon as Ren McCormack, who is a bad boy with the right moves. This movie has been criticized to have the most Ridiculous Hollywood Movie Plots.
  4. Deep Blue Sea (1999): With all good actors in a movie sometimes creates a ruckus and when it is prejudice. The same happened with Deep Blue Sea, the cast of the movie has many brilliant actors but no script. In the movie, they are chased around an underwater complex by genetically engineered sharks. Some of the audience were stuck with the poor computer created imagery.
  5. Over the Top (1987): Talking about the list of most Ridiculous Hollywood Movie Plots, we believe that there is some level of self-awareness with over the top. This film revolves around the concepts of arm wrestling. Where Sylvester Stallone impresses his son by becoming an arm wrestler. This is one of the overdramatic movies and rated the most ridiculous Hollywood Movie plots.
  6. Weekend at Bernie’s (1989): Plotting of this movie is so ridiculously absurd that there you will easily get familiar with it. In the movie, there are two lovable losers who attempt to confront their boss about financial inconsistency just to see him dead. Moreover, this nowhere to understand movie has a sequence that is ridiculous in nature.
  7. Bruce Almighty (2003): The people who have watched this film would agree that the only thing which is not ridiculous is Morgan Freeman playing as God. But, Jim Carrey to date Jennifer Aniston is not to be believed. In the movie, Jim Carrey or Bruce Nolan is a TV reporter and does not believe in god but Almighty gives all his powers to him and appoints him as a god for one day. How fake it is to become a god literally? So, this movie is one of the most Ridiculous Hollywood Movie Plots
  8. Red Dawn (1984): Red Dawn is plotted with a group of High school students who are employing Guerilla warfare to stop the invasion of pro-communists. This movie was all about a Russian invasion on American Soil. The plot of the movie is over-exaggerated, so it comes under the list of most Ridiculous Hollywood Movie Plots.
  9. Snakes on a plane (2006): The plot of the movie is so over dramatic scenes where gangsters release a pile of deadly sins on the airplane so that they kill a witness who is ready to testify against the gangster family. An FBI agent on the plane escorts the witness to stop the poisonous creatures. So, we can easily say that “Snakes on a Plane” is one of the most Ridiculous Hollywood Movie Plots that ever came across.
  10. Phone Booth (2002): With all good stars working in the film Phone Booth tells the story of a swanky New York City publicist who has an affair with a young woman. As the movie drives to bad luck scenes it is a ridiculous premise. One of the great movies with the most Ridiculous Hollywood Movie Plots.


In every genre of movies, there are movies that are rated on the top there are also the movies that are rated one amongst the most Ridiculous Hollywood Movie Plots. In this article, we have discussed the list of most Ridiculous Hollywood Movie Plots so that we do not become mere victims to watch the movie. We hope that this article will help you to watch these movies with patience.